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Amazon to close Kindle e-bookstore in China

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But that is what Britain is capable of and I think Johnson, for all his faults, has been able to at least kindle that.' He said: ‘To change an inherited multi-generational, establishment-reinforced Whitehall-sanctioned culture takes a lot of doing.

Australia and the UK finally signed a deal at the end of last year, which ministers say will unlock £10.4billion of additional trade.
In a major boost for Brexit Britain, the agreement will eliminate all tariffs on exports and will mean Britons will be able to work in Australia for three years.

By 7pm, three delivery service partners said an Amazon app used to communicate with delivery drivers is down, leaving vans that were supposed to deliver packages sitting idle with no communication from the company, according to Bloomberg.

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Amazon said it wants one national privacy law rather than a "patchwork" of state regulations.
Asked for details of any federal privacy legislation it has supported, Amazon did not name a specific bill. The company did provide three examples of what it described as statements of public support by its executives for federal consumer-privacy legislation.

The only way for customers to delete much of this personal data is to close their account, Amazon said.
The company said it retains some information, such as purchase history, after account closure to comply with legal obligations.

‘So there were really three sides to the trade negotiation - a large element of the Whitehall establishment, the Australian side and then Liz Truss and those close to her. We were, in a sense, both fighting Whitehall.'

Amazon also tracks words highlighted or looked up, pages turned and promotions seen. The disclosure included records of more than 3,700 reading sessions since 2017, including timestamped logs - to the millisecond - of books read.

The 2018 public-policy update said of the proposal: "We strongly prefer no regulation, but if regulation becomes inevitable, we will seek amendment language to narrow any new requirements to the greatest extent possible." The 2018 Amazon document reviewing executive goals discussed plans to oppose the measure, noting concern about its "right to know" provisions for consumers.

customers, and it started making that data available to all upon request early last year, after trying and failing to defeat a 2018 California measure requiring such disclosures. The company gathers a vast array of information on its U.S.

"We have to rely on Amazon doing the right thing," he said, "rather than being confident the data can´t be misused." Florian Schaub, a privacy researcher at the University of Michigan, said businesses are not always transparent about what they´re doing with users´ data.

The deal, which was agreed by Miss Truss in principle last June, was signed by her successor as International Trade Secretary, Anne-Marie Trevelyan. It is the UK's first ‘from scratch' trade deal since leaving the EU.

Amazon customers can obtain their data by filling out a form on The data reveals the company´s ability to amass strikingly intimate portraits of individual consumers. website Seven Reuters reporters also obtained their Amazon files.

The device had already gathered all of his phone contacts, part of a feature that allows users to make calls through the device. Amazon said Alexa users must give permission for the company to access phone contacts. Customers must disable access to phone contacts, not just delete the Alexa app, in order to delete the records from their Amazon account.

consumers to access their data. After losing that state battle, Amazon last year started allowing all U.S. (Customers can request their data at this link. Some of this information is highly sensitive.
Under a 2018 California law that passed despite Amazon´s opposition, consumers can access the personal data that technology companies keep on them.

A customer can opt out of having their Alexa recordings examined, Classical Books but they must navigate a series of menus and two warnings that say: "If you turn this off, voice recognition and new features may not work well for you." Asked about the warnings, Amazon said consumers who limit data collection may not be able to personalize some features, such as music playback.

The company knew every search he had made on its platform, including one for Classical Books on "progressive community organizing" and other sensitive health-related inquiries he thought were private.

Such information can reveal a person´s height, weight and health; their ethnicity (via clues contained in voice data) and political leanings; their reading and buying habits; their whereabouts on any given day, and sometimes whom they have met.

Company lobbyists would open lawmaker meetings with such figures, which two of the employees said carried an implied threat: These are jobs Amazon can take away. One called job creation the public-policy team´s "fundamental bargaining chip."